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Escape your comfort zone

We love feeling comfortable. Fact. The idea of wearing a fitted dress or a suit whilst relaxing at home isn’t as appealing as throwing on a pair of jogging bottoms and a baggy t-shirt. Neither is the idea of attending an unfamiliar church by yourself as appealing as attending a church where you’re greeted by familiar faces. Our comfort zones often define our actions – what we are willing to do and what we won’t do, where we are willing to go and where we won’t to go. Whatever the circumstance, the level of comfort we experience will play a role in the outcome of many situations. Despite having such positive connotations, comfort isn’t always a good thing… Advertisements

What if no one “likes” you?

Surrounded by more technology than ever before, it is no wonder that people live so much of their lives through social media. These days we don’t even need to know an individual personally to know a little too much about their personal life. Privacy is no longer a priority, and ironically, it is one of the most vital components required for a healthy relationship. Is it any wonder we struggle to find good examples nowadays?

“I’m 25 and happy- marriage can wait”

More than ever, I see couples getting engaged. It’s a clear sign that my generation is growing older! I remember a time when the only concern I had was the fact that I had nothing (new) to wear… Around Christmas time, I remember a particular journey where I ended up tuning in to an interesting conversation on the radio. It went something like this: