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Should women make the first move?

I had grown to spend a lot of my time with him. Our friendship began with an act of kindness on his part, and I couldn’t help but appreciate how willing he was to go out of his way to help me. We just seemed to hit it off, so it was easy for us to spend a lot of time together. The more time we spent, the more I became emotionally attached without even realising… In my mind, we had become so close that it didn’t make sense to just remain friends. But there was just one problem- he still hadn’t made a move! It didn’t make sense to me, and I found myself getting more and more frustrated with the situation. Advertisements

“I’m 25 and happy- marriage can wait”

More than ever, I see couples getting engaged. It’s a clear sign that my generation is growing older! I remember a time when the only concern I had was the fact that I had nothing (new) to wear… Around Christmas time, I remember a particular journey where I ended up tuning in to an interesting conversation on the radio. It went something like this:

What’s Money Got To Do With It?

  If a man took you out for a meal, but then asked you to split the bill, what would you say? After asking various women this question, the general response was that they would willingly split the bill. Even though it is nice to be treated in such scenarios, the responses include opinions surrounding the fact that a man shouldn’t be expected to pay;