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What Position Do You Play?

So let’s get straight into it! Let’s dig nice and deep…

If I was to ask you what you believe your role in a relationship should be, how would you answer?
My role is to… Cook? Keep everything clean? Work to provide for everything he/she/my family needs?
Or maybe to encourage? Uplift? Guide?
Now, none of these answers are wrong, but rather they speak volumes about the attitude of an individual.

Now, there may be some of you who have never really considered such a question, or answers may have popped into your head that were completely different to those mentioned. Regardless, I would like you to consider what your role is in your relationship, or what your role should be once in a relationship. You could even write down the things that come to mind. In doing so, you are facing yourself and your understanding of what it means to be committed to another person.
Time and time again, we skip the part where we develop an understanding of what our roles should be, and we end up trying to learn as we go along with damaging consequences. It’s like trying to drive a car when you have had no lessons- all you can do is start the engine and hope for the best! How many of us would willingly sit behind such a driver?

We start our engines and hope for the best, then when we crash we don’t understand why. Many of us keep having these accidents without stopping to address the reasons why.

When you choose to enter into a relationship, that person becomes your responsibility. This can either be seen as a burden or a blessing.
When we run ahead of God and allow our desires to lead the way, then our path becomes far more burdensome. We struggle to carry the weight of our decisions, and we live in hope of things improving. What we fail to realise, is that things can’t improve when God is on the sidelines.

Romans 7:15 says this:

For what I am doing, I do not understand. For what I will to do, that I do not practice; but what I hate, that I do


Because of sin, we find ourselves in this continuous cycle that Paul describes in this text. No matter what we strive to do, we do the very things that we believed that we would never do! This is due to the fact that the guidance and heartfelt commitment of a life in Christ is missing.
How many times have you willed yourself not to go too far and gone there anyway?

You can see how Satan uses this to his advantage in his direct attack on relationships. Until we accept our need for Christ, we will believe the lies of the enemy when He tries to make us feel that we are unworthy to come before the Father. Sadly, many of us believe him.
Satan knows that God wants to lead you and teach you personally about all that is required of a relationship. He knows that if you draw near to God, then your heart will be protected with wisdom and understanding. He knows that if you open yourself up to a committed relationship with God, then you will learn how to have a committed relationship on earth, just as God had always planned it to be. He knows… That’s why he is attacking this with everything that he has.

My prayer, is that by faith you will look to God for guidance when thinking about committing yourself to another person that has the potential to change your life for better or for worse.


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